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Akshara (2022)

Akshara (2022)
Movie : Akshara (2022)
Actors : Darbha Appaji Ambarisha, Vizag Daani, Ajay Ghosh
Director : Chinni Krishna
Year : 2022
Language : Tamil
Genres : Thriller, telugu
Rating : 5.2/10
Story : Akshara is the story of a poor girl who is raised by her mother. A hardworking girl, she tops in the state in her 10th standard. She joins a top college but falls in the trap of the college chairman and is sent to jail.
Quality : HD DVD
Akshara (2022) HD Files
Sample Video.mkv
Size : (5.56MB)
Akshara (2022) HD DVD 400MB.mkv
Size : (393.59MB)
Akshara (2022) HD DVD 700MB.mkv
Size : (680.08MB)

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